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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  How can the price be so good, is this a scam?

A.  NO! In-fact the Resorts we work with, as a means to promote their respective Vacation ownership programs, have been doing business this way for decades! Saving you thousands of $$$!

Q. Am I obligated to buy one of these Vacation ownership programs?

A. NO! Your only obligation in each sponsored destination is to take a 90-120 minute introduction of their program, that’s it! Most people find them very informative and some actually decide to join and this why the resort sponsors the majority of the cost!

Q. Do I have to take them (the vacations) all together as one big trip?

A. NO! They can be taken separately or together!

Q. Are these nice properties or are they old run down places?

A. No in fact they are all 3-5 star rated Hotels and 4-5 Star rated Resorts!

Q. How many people can Travel on this package?

A. In Florida the package is valid for up to 4 people, keep in mind Married couples MUST be traveling together both attend the Resorts presentation in all destinations. In Mexico the package is valid for 2 (two) Adults.

Q. Can we purchase additional nights or upgrade our accommodations in this package?

A. Yes, not only can you purchase additional nights, we have the best rates for those normally up to 50-60% off the regular rates!

Q. Can we buy more than one package?

A. Unfortunately NO, these programs are designed for single family travel only, no groups allowed on multiple packages at the same time. You can however, where available, upgrade your accommodations at an additional cost to hold more guest. When these situations arrive we generally are able to help and save money at the same time!

Q. What if I am unable to travel?

A.  Up to 80% of your cost are being covered by the sponsors! WOW!! However when you receive your digital delivery with the full terms and conditions ( We have no surprises) and for some reason you are unable to travel on the date that you have selected. You may transfer this vacation package to a qualifying party or may extend the package for up to 12 months through customer service for a specific future date of travel.